How to play

In order to play follow this guide.


Find a supported server

If you want to play a match and want to have that match submitted to this website along side with your stats, you will have to stick to a specific list of servers that are prepared for this purpose. a list of supported servers can be found here.

Join game server

After knowing which game servers you are supposed to play in, join one of those servers. To join a server, open JJ2 main menu, select:
New Game > Party Mode > Internet Play > Join another game > Choose number of local players > Start Game > Enter server.

Interacting with bot

So now you have connected to the game server, spectator mode is enabled by default. Join the game by typing "!join". The bot will add you to the game and will set you as match host (in case you are the first one to join). Match host is responsible for setting game mode and starting the game. Now, you need to gather players or wait for random players to join the match using the "!join" command aswell. After gathering enough players for the game, host has to type "!startgame". This command will enable the ready command, and all players should type "!ready" or "!r" in order to start the game. In case this start game poll has to be canceled, the command "!abort" can be used. Once all players have typed "!ready", the game will automatically start and the Console will report that a new game has started. If the bot didn't report about game start, then there's an internal problem; therefore, this game won't be saved. In case this happens, you will have the option to drop the game by typing "!drop" in the chat. Finally, once the game ends, one of the participants has to write "!submit". If no one submits it, the game will be considered as droped and will not affect players stats.